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Torchwood LIMS

Last Icon Maker Standing

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Welcome to Torchwood LIMS!

LIMS stands for Last Icon Maker Standing. During each challenge, we aim to have one round per week. With every round, our members should vote for both their favourite icon and their least favourite icon. The icon with the the most negative votes (or least positive) will be eliminated from the challenge, until there is only one icon maker left standing - the winner!

In order to participate in the challenges, you must first JOIN and FRIEND the community.

Signups for challenge #1 are now closed and the challenges underway. Please don't hesitate to vote for your favourite icons and if you wish to participate, look out for the next challenge!

Each challenge compromises of a particular theme, images to iconise, or a technique. You may use any textures, brushes, text or gradients you wish unless otherwise specified. More specific instructions will be posted with the individual challenges.

You must sign up in order to take part, or your icons will not be entered.

Use of bases made by other uses is not permitted.

Each participant is allowed to enter up to 2 icons per challenge.

Icons must fit the LJ standards - 40KB and 100x100px.

And finally, don't post your icons anywhere else until the challenge is over. If you are found to be doing this, your entry will no longer count.

If you miss more than one challenge per round, you will be disqualified, unless you have been expressly granted an extra skip. If you know you're going to miss a round, let us know!

Don't get others to vote for you. Srly.

Include both the image of your icon and the URL, posted in a comment to the challenge you are responding to. For example:


Even if you're not planning to participate in the challenges, don't forget to vote!

Anonymous votes will not count.

Don't vote for your own icon...!

You must vote for four icons. Your two favourite icons and your two least favourite icons. Give a valid reason for each if you can - "coz it sucks lol" is not a valid reason.

quackix dr_icontest doctorwholims mandydaxicons rosetyler_lims x_dejavu allthat_hopping tw_icons100 tennant_stills dw_stillness gwen_stills watsonstillness secretly_obsess scifan_lims drwho_lims balims plusone_lims badwolf_lims


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